Impasto Artist

Cookham by Odney £320
Marlow Spring Regatta
Henley on Thames
30 x 40” Hambledon weir
Burgess the Oldest Shop in Marlow
Beautiful Day in Marlow £400
Old Lock in Marlow £350

Marlow resident Richard Grinter is an Impasto oil painter. Impasto is a style of painting using thick paint. The paint will hold the imprint ofyour brush or palette. This style rejects his old graphic designer work and frees him up to concentrate on mood and the emotion in a scene. For Richard,it is what a scene feels like, rather than what it looks like.–Richard-Grinter-e1dm3ej?fbclid=IwAR3zRFkJtHhnHYIF0oyUEiASI_6ktHQnBwHVOSnMZoRQeCpQnx4vf6MHvGc